/bænd / (say band)

a. a company of persons associated or acting together; company, party or troop.
b. a group of animals.
2. a company of musicians constituted according to the kind of music played, usually playing for performance or as an accompaniment to dancing.
3. Anthropology a group, often a family group, within a tribe.
verb (t)
4. to unite in a group, troop, company or confederacy.
5. band together, to unite; form a group; confederate.
6. beat the band, Colloquial to exceed or surpass everyone else: I have known big eaters, but you beat the band.
{French bande, of Germanic origin}
/bænd / (say band)

1. any strip that contrasts with its surroundings in colour, texture or material.
2. a thin, flat strip of some material for binding, confining, reinforcing, trimming, or some other purpose: hatband; rubber band.
3. (plural)brace (def. 8).
4. a strip, as of colour or decorative work.
5. Mining a stratum of stone, containing ore or similar valuable material, especially opal.
6. the high, falling or flat collar or ruff commonly worn by men and women in the 17th century in western Europe.
7. (plural) a form of collar from the front of which hang two square-ended strips of white linen, often worn as part of academic, legal or clerical dress.
8. Radio a range of frequencies lying between any two well-defined limits.
verb (t)
9. to mark or fasten with a band or bands; stripe.
{Middle English bande, from French, ultimately related to band3}
/bænd / (say band)

1. (usually plural) anything which binds the person or the limbs; a shackle, manacle, or fetter.
2. an obligation; bond: the nuptial bands.
{Middle English, from Old Norse band}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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